Percolation discrète - Colegiul National Emil Racovita (Cluj) Colegiul National Mihail Eminescu (Satu Mare)

Résumé de la production
We approached the research of this topic in two ways: the mathematical approach which will produce a result based on calculating the probabilities of water going to each cell and finding a general relation using statistics and combinatorics; and the computer-science-driven approach which will compute every single way that the water can spread based on modified basic algorithms.
Here we can divide the problem based on the cases enumerated above: the chance of a black cell to appear and the density of all black cells fluctuating (the water requires time
time to pass through).
For the second approach, we can conclude that this problem is a path-finding problem in which we are required to compute the distance between every first-row water cell and the
last row that denotes the end of our portion of land.
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